When my American hostfamily from DC mailed me they were going to make a trip trough England and if I wanted to join them for a weekend in London I was so happy! I got to see my munchkins again after a whole year!
When I arrived at night the kids were already asleep so there the more a surprise for them waking up next to me :) The second we woke up it was like I never left them!
We've seen and done so much this weekend, of course the sightseeing, a bike tour trough London and dinners, this was a great weekend!
 But as all good things come and go so it was time for a goodbye, go back to the Netherlands and finally see my boyfriend again after almost 2 weeks <3



Last last second when I was about to leave the gas station my sissy called if she could join me, so picked her up and left to my friend Bina for the weekend to visit the famous ''weinachtmarkt'' in Cologne, Germany.



 I love me some dress up parties :) This month one of my friends was hosting a country birthday party and one weekend later my cousin was also having a birthdayparty, which I bought a lot of tule for to be a huge bathsponge, but that didn't turn out the way I wanted haha so had to improvise last sec and trew some wings and crown on.



My friend from Germany who was my neighbor and fellow aupair when we lived in Washington Dc was visiting me in my hometown for the weekend. Took her out and about my beautiful fishing town, and spend a day in the city of Amsterdam. In a couple of weeks Ill be spending the weekend at hers, and go to the famous ''weinachtmarkten'' a German traditional way of Christmas shopping.





A local store in my town asked me if I would like to walk in their fashionshow, and so I did. (not again tho, nerve wrecking!!:P )
Pre-show we did a lil fun fotoshoot. 
I loved my  G-star pants and G-star blouse so much I ended up buying those :)


Momma Im coming HOME

So happy I got to spend a couple more days with my hostfam and friends before returning home and ending my USA fairytale, so thankfull I took this big step now on to the next adventure a lil closer to home: School.

Say goodbye dinner @ hostfam <3

pre Goodbye party with the girls <3



And then it was time to leave to Vegas and meet Annamaria and Deborah for our 2 week Cali trip going back to my best buddy Susanna in LA, my first year hostfamily in Santa Barbara and first year city San Francisco, amazing end to my 2 year journey!
Stratosphere,Las Vegas

Poolparty @ Rehab

Rehab @ Hard Rock hotel

New York hotel


Party @ Marquee hotel

San Fran <3


Santa Cruz

Cali hostfam <3

My doggie from 1st hostfam @ Santa Barbara

Pier 39 San Fran

Hippy street San Fran 

Dolores park @ San Fran

Last night dinner